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About Our Artists

Braydbunch - AKA - Sean B. (Summer) Brady, Shady Brady, Brady

Born Sean B. Brady on April, 8th 1985, in Long Island, New York. Spent childhood living through a deep and dark depression due to not being able to transition to the gender they identified as. Attended Harborfields High School, the same high school Mariah Carey graduated from. After she gave a free concert to her and her classmates in their school gym, Sean was determined to become a famous musician as well. Hustled self-made mp3s of his work throughout NYC. His wife (soon to be ex-wife) Victoria gave inspiration to many of Brady's songs and was at one point Sean’s biggest fan. Brady has worked as a NYC high school teacher for the last 8 years, which has allowed them to earn a living while working on their art throughout their summer breaks. Braydbunch’s first official single was released on 4/22/18.  Their first Full-length debut, is due to be released this summer 2018. Word on the street is that they may be signed to a new label soon after many producers have hear the rapper on their mixtape.

Being a rap fan for most of her life, Brady began rapping at the early age of 9. Rhyming words together and battling her friends served as an escape to what was otherwise a painful existence. She also won many poetry/music competitions as a kid.  She has kept a poetry book that she often used like a diary throughout her life, using rhymes to document all that she has gone through. 

At the age of 14, Sean began to get very serious about music, having participated in many failed musical groups and bands. Due to this, Sean realized that if they were going to succeed in the music world, that they were going to have to do so on their own. After starting their gender transition in early college, Sean discovered the world of drag. It was while exploring this passion that Sean Brady actually made a name for herself, becoming Brady Bunch, which she would later respell as "Braydbunch". Being rejected by most fellow rappers due to being transgender, Sean grew an anger that flows through much of her music. Her experience with discrimination as a trans woman also added some fuel to the fire. Her songs often give us a glimpse into the struggles of being transgender in America, while also breaking down stereotypes.

She says her biggest musical inspirations have been David Bowie and Eminem, because both showed her how to ignore the haters and to just keep your eyes on the prize. Much like Bowie, she hopes to make you look at gender and sexuality in an entirely different light. Although she identifies a trans woman, Braybunch embraces the Non-Binary movement, often bringing different characters to life who express their gender very differently from one another. For example, Shady Brady is the name of one of her alter-ego’s, who is much angrier and aggressive than she actually is.

Recently, Bradybunch started her own record company/production studio in Brooklyn New York. She is working with the youth of NYC hoping to find the next great native New Yorker superstar.