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Braydbunch Studios

Welcome to the Official Home of the Record Label/Recording Studio Hybrid  Braydbunch Studios.

It is the first Hip Hop Label ran by the one and only Transgender Music Producer/Rapper Braydbunch AKA  Shady Brady.

Braydbunch Studios has brought together a team of Artists and Producers from the NYC are who are set to take over the local music scene due to their passion and raw determination. 

Although Braydbunch currently runs and operates her own private recording studio out in Brooklyn, she has plans of expanding her operation to cover all of the Five Boroughs through the use of a Mobile Recording Studio. 

Braydbunch, born Sean B. Brady, is also a high school teacher in New York City. Most of her students know she as Summer Brady when she is at work, and others simply call her Shady. After school hours she helps run a special after school music program with inner city high school students. While there, Braydbunch teaches these students how to produce their own hip hop beats and rap songs. Seeing the passion she has been able to find in her students while helping them produce and record their own music, Brady realized that her program has given kids outlets that they would not normally be able to have. Her mission is to create a mobile recording studio so she can help teach more children how to produce their own music. If you would like to help donate to this mission please support Braydbunch at the Gofundme page: