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Best Men

by Braydbunch

Released 2018
Released 2018
Braydbunch is the most unique rapper to hit the scene since Eminem first popped up. A transgender lyricist from Brooklyn, New York, she tells stories through her songs that anyone can relate to, while also making you question the entire concept of gender.
"As a transgender person, I have experienced my fair share of discrimination and struggles. There were many times where I was wronged, but had my story silenced. Throughout my life, I have been the victim of multiple forms of violence. In the past, our stories....stories like mine were censored. I will never forget that feeling. I've been silenced before. It's the worst. I'll never be silenced again. I want to tell people our stories while at the exact same time I want people to tell me their stories. That's how you learn and grow. It's all about exposure. Maybe I can write about it in a song one day. Sharing our stories will change the world. Change the world for the better. All the stories of minorities are important and need to be heard. It doesn't matter if it's about skin color, gender, religion, sexual orientation, these stories need to be out there. If we all stopped and realized that if we all united together, we could be unstoppable. I hope my music makes people wake up. I hope my music can inspire people. I also hope I can help my community make progress towards equal rights in this nation." - Braydbunch