Sean Summer Brady, the Transgender High School Teacher turned rap star is back. Always searching for a new way to quiet her haters, this is an entirely different Brady that the world has not heard yet. Another LoFi hit from producer Jadon Converse.

Just a few months ago, making money off her music was just a dream for transgender rapper Braydbunch. As of today, she is an underground hit whose music is spreading like a California Wildfire. "When I cashed my first paycheck from music sales it was unreal. I cried. Most of my life I was always being told what I would not be able to do as a transgender woman, but I keep silencing my haters. This is just the beginning. I'm going to continue chasing my dreams."

Sean Summer Brady is trying out a faster flow on this track than usual. She has decided to push herself as a musician and enlisted the help of the producer Jadon Converse to produce another fire track. The hook from artist Snow is hypnotizing in itself. What will Braydbunch come up with next? She is a force to be reckoned with.

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