Voice of a Nation


The first hip hop track ever recorded by the one and only Braydbunch. Considered to be the world's most famous transgender rapper, they are breaking stereotypes while changing the rap game as we know it. The most unique rapper since the rise of Eminem.

" I wrote this song to inspire my students. It's a song about American society today and how we all need to unite to fight the evils in the world. As I say in this song, it doesn't matter what gender you are, what color your skin is, what religion you practice.... we just need to come together as one. Sometimes I think this nation is long overdue for another American Revolution. Old white men such as Trump are destroying this nation while dividing us all. We need to unite and take control. We need equality for all. If we unite we can have a better world. Everything will be ok. Divided we will perish. This song is about that and much more." -Braydbunch

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