Braydbunch is the latest white rapper to have the world buzzing about their music. In fact, many people are referring to them as the next Eminem. For this reason, the transgender rapper Braydbunch, born Sean B. Brady, has been nicknamed both Shady Brady and Feminem in the underground NYC hip hop scene. Their songs from the Shady Brady Mixtape have gone viral on SoundCloud with millions of streams in the last few months alone. In fact, the only other mixtape from the New York area to get so much attention recently was 6ix9ine’s “Day 69.” Braydbunch’s biggest hit to date is “Nursery Rhymes” the first single off of their upcoming album already has millions of plays. Now that Tekashi is locked up, many think that Braydbunch can become the new top rapper in New York City.” - Frangipani

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Groundbreaking people are often seen as ones who are needed to keep the industry they are in on their toes. Trans rapper Braydbunch is setting out to be that shape shifter in the music world in 2019 and beyond as their lyricism, beats and who they identify as has never really been seen before in an arena that is constantly changing. Braydbunch has done a phenomenal job at developing a major online presence due to her songs that have already racked up millions of views like "Deaf to the Hate" and "BANG!" She's giving the industry a major wake up call, one that appears to be needed given just how boring and redundant the hip-hop world has become lately. The most important aspect of Braydbunch is the sense that she is doing all of this unapologetically. Getting to the place that she is now has not been easy, with the backlash of her transition and more, but she's doing this not only for her community but the bevy of kids she teaches in New York City.  Braydbunch sat down with me to discuss all of that and more in a truly eye-opening interview earlier this week. Check it out.” - Ryan Shea

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A transgender New York City teacher is receiving an outpouring of support on social media after she posted a video of herself confronting a subway busker who made a discriminatory joke about "Bruce Jenner's surgeon. Sean Summer (BRAYDBUNCH) Brady was traveling home on the R train on Wednesday evening when she said she was singled out by the busker. Brady said the man, a guitar player wearing a gray suit, made a beeline for her on the train. I saw him lock his eyes on me and he began to play the song "(You Make Me Feel Like a) Natural Woman," Brady said. "He plays a little and stops and looks at me: "You get it, he’s not a natural woman," he says, and laughs."  Brady said she often ignores these kinds of comments, but Wednesday's exchange was different. Unfortunately, even though in many ways I do pass for a woman, some days I'm not as 'femmed' up," she said. "As my transition has gone on I realized I'm not going to just sit back and allow people to treat me as less than human and bully my community in general. NBC 4 New York could not independently verify what happened before and after the camera started rolling, but in a video posted to Instagram, Brady is heard confronting the performer about his joke. He denies making fun of Brady specifically, but says he did make the trans-joke. Yes, I played a Carole King song titled,"(You Make Me Feel Like a) Natural Woman," dedicating it to Bruce Jenner’s surgeon," he says. He adds later, "I love pushing buttons. Brady's video has garnered thousands of views and hundreds of comments from those thanking her for standing up for the trans community.” - Jessy Edwards

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Article about one of the many times I was physically and verbally attacked due to being transgender. This event was a turning point in my life, after seeing that the true story was suppressed and I never received justice. Evidence disappeared without a trace and I decided this would be the last time a story of mine would be silenced. ” - BEN CHAPMAN and THOMAS TRACY

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